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Product Introduction

CCED delivers an all-in-one and easy-to-configure solution to LCD Video Wall, which is ideal for dynamic digital signage, public information display, advertising, communication, surveillance monitoring and education applications.

The exclusive VILS Series image enhancement technologies, combined with the ultrathin bezel design of LPL S-IPS panels, provides you a seamless-tiled video wall without the need of additional third-party equipments. Compared to 82¡±-108¡± single-screen displays, CCED-VILS video wall solutions are more competitive in cost, better in visual effect and easier in installation and transportation.

LCD technology remedies defects of rear-projection and plasma displays in terms of color, resolution and video clarity. Besides, you will be less bothered by the costly maintenance and the continued lamp replacement.


¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Features and Advantages


Unlimited Tiling-up

CCED-VILS allows you to build video walls up to any matrix of displays. This will help you achieve unlimited super video display on different occasions. The benefits of the sole video resource system avoid the extra work and extra costs such as using distributors or connecting to multi-monitors.

Near-seamless Jointing Units

The ultra-thin-bezel design of the CCVS-42LN(0.39inch) helps create near-seamless video walls.

Wide-angle viewing technology

Wide-angle viewing technology delivers wide viewing angles up to 178o horizontally and vertically (up to 89o up, down, left and right) with less color shift and without any glare, reflection or distortion.

Quick Response

Quick Response technology delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video. The responding time can be as quick as 5ms. It delivers streaming video without noticeable ghosting or blurring, while achieving as many as 250 frames per second (fps). This remarkably quick motion makes displays better than ever for gaming and video applications such as presentations and streaming web video.

High-definition display

VILS system¡¯s image processing engine gives the whole system better quality ,without accessing to the third-party equipment, allowing the system to embrace rich colors with HD resolution of 1920 * 1080p.

High Stability

Our quality screens allow VILS system to run around the clock throughout the whole year. This feature is particularly important for the control rooms and monitoring centers, since they require videos and data to run constantly 24 hours per day on seven days a week.

Comprehensive application

CCED-VILS system can be applied under various circumstances such as dynamic digital signage, public information display, outdoor advertising, communication, surveillance monitoring, education, conference and large assembly, etc.



Free Combination

The shape integrates the latest trends in science and technology. At present, we mainly promote two different models adopting 19¡å & 42¡å liquid crystal display board respectively. Users can choose independent-type or wall-type for product shape. We adopt the advanced painting process especially for independent-type integrated screen to ensure the beauty and endurance of the color of the outer box. This type can be applied on various occasions indoors or outdoors. The front side adopts mirror glass plate with special process, which makes our products with better integration and trendy look. The advantage of wall-types lies in unlimited conjunction of screen panels. We can combine the screens well with the surrounding decoration walls according to users¡¯ requirement. Thus, harmonious integration effect takes on.


Multiple picture display functions like picture in picture, picture roam and shift can be realized through software control. We know that the joint screen can realize not only the integrated large screen display but also the multiple small screens. On more occasions, all the monitored pictures are required to be watched simultaneously. When a monitoring point appears abnormal, we can enlarge the picture in full screen rapidly through software shift so that all the people in control center can watch the picture simultaneously.

Practical Compatibility

VILS can support simultaneous entry of several video devices. The series products have the function of displaying the analog video signals and digital video signals simultaneously on joint screen and then display the input signals rapidly and smoothly. The HD video signal programs on media like internet, USB and hardware can be displayed on joint screen by choosing relative accessories of VILS.

Easy to Operate

We provide software and open a port for further development to users. With the capability of monitor¡¯s pre-control and diagnosis, AV and IT professionals have remote access so as to monitor settings over their existing network.

Green and Environment-friendly

IPS LCD panel automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions. It also allows the monitor to be set to automatically enter a power-saving mode when the ambient lighting falls below a predetermined value (i.e. when office lights are shut off at the end of the day), which can significantly reduce energy expenses.

High Performance-to-Price Ratio

Self-development makes our products with high performance-to-price ratio. We take various aspects into consideration during the R&D. For example, we considered the appealing shape of the screen and the compact integrated structure as well as the effective cooling system. Moreover, we also considered more convenient operation, more user-friendly interface, more cost-effective maintenance and sustainable upgrade of the system. All we have done is user-oriented.


Technical Parameters