VILS series conjoined LCD screen wall will become the new force among large screen displays (LSD). ------ marketing analysis & Core performance comparison

I. Marketing Analysis of Current Popular LSD

With the approach of digitalization, traditional information terminal display cannot even more satisfy users urgent demand for high definition and super-large picture display. Thus, LSD has become the indispensable part in complete operation system.

LSD can be applied extensively in different fields like exhibition halls, sport studios, news-broadcast centers, airport terminals, entertainment squares, shopping malls and command & control centers, etc. Nowadays, the main LSD in the market can be classified into the following three kinds:

1.DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector-style Conjoined Screen

DLP is the most frequently used LSD system in large screen industry at present. However, some core elements in DLP conjunction system are still controlled by foreign companies. For example, we all use DMD chips with global patent by TI cooperate. Therefore, its high price will make many project owners hang back.

As for the application features, DLP has large unit sizes. The popular sizes are 50, 60 and 67 in current market. Thus, it can realize the large-area conjunction with very small joint gap between 3mm to 5mm. But DLP also has some disadvantages. Its picture quality is ordinary and the size is large as well due to its rear projection pattern. And its large size will occupy large space too. Moreover, the 6000-hour service life of light bulbs are not satisfactory as well because of its high maintenance cost.

2.PDP (Plasma Display Panel) Conjoined Screen

PDP has won good reputation among users owing to its advantages such as high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut and wide perspective at the initial stage used at home to display dynamic pictures. However, it has serious disadvantages if applied in security guard fields or used to display static pictures and texts for long time, for example, as monitors or TV walls. It is more likely to have remnant traces or even screen-burning accidents when displaying static pictures, which is the so-called plasma imprinting. And the brightness will thus decrease rapidly. Once the problem occurs, it can no longer be recovered. Therefore, PDP has low reliability and higher power consumption compared with other techniques.

On the other hand, the relative parameters of liquid crystal screen are improving and the cost and maintenance of LCD system is lower compared with DLP system. Thats why LCD system emerges as the times require.

We can see from the following chart and development trend of future display technique that LCD will become the popular screen conjunction technique in the future.


performance parameters of current

video picture quality bad fairly good good
single screen resolution (42) 1024x768 852x480 1920x1080
thickness of machine box thick fairly thin thin
Power consumption medium high low
heat dissipation requirement high high low
screen burning no very quickly fairly slowly
annual decrease of brightness change the light frequently 30% no
service life 5,000-10,000 hours (light) 5,000-10,000 hours (screen) 50,000hours (back lights)
maintenance cost high high low
joint gap small fairly small medium
price high medium low

II. Core Competition Ability of VILS Series

With consistent development of liquid crystal display technique, inserted hardware joint technique, multiple screens handling technique and signal conversion technique, etc, our company has researched and made the latest plan of VILS series, integrated large LCS display. The series products are self-researched and manufactured by our company from hardware to software.

VILS series have the following advantages:

1.The shape is an integration with strong sense of aero as well as science and technology.

At present, we mainly promote two different models adopting 19 & 19 liquid crystal display board respectively. Users can choose independent-type or wall-type for product shape.

We adopt the advanced painting process especially for independent-type integrated screen to ensure the beauty and endurance of the color of the outer box. This type can be applied in various occasions indoors or outdoors. The front side adopts mirror glass plate with special process, which makes our products with better integration and aero sense.

The advantage of wall-types lies in unlimited infinite conjunction without limitation of unit number. We can combine the screen well with the surrounding decoration walls according to users requirement. Thus, harmonious integration effect takes on.

2.Users can experience perfect visual dinner of real full HD TV.

Each display unit of VILS series is composed of professional HD video image processing chips and liquid crystal display plate adopting inserted design plan. Thus, each unit can truly display video signals of 1920*1080p.Design of independent display unit reduces the maintenance cost and difficulty of the system. The failure of a single display unit does not influence other units and the whole display effect, so we only need to change the troubled one. Meanwhile, strong and professional HD video image processing chips ensure high processing speed, clear and smooth dynamic video as well as strong color expressive force. Therefore, VILS series possesses high brightness, high contrast, good color saturation and image level sense. Since we adopt inserted design plan, VILS has even more advantages like strong steadiness, rapid start-up, easy use and small size, etc. Each display unit is driven by a professional HD video image processing chip, so the number of the unit is unlimited theoretically.

Besides, PCI card-insert type and external joint controller are also two most-frequently-used methods in current market.

PCI card-insert type works in the following theory: divide a integrated video image into mn sub-video signals with a multiple screens joint card through industrial computer. And then transfer these sub-signals to relative unit on the joint wall to realize the large screen display. But the unit number will be greatly limited since the calculating ability of the industrial computer is limited.

External joint controller is named so because this type is divided into two independent parts: display part and the joint controller. The joint controller is to realize the display output after the combination of several physical outputs into a resolution stack. Thus, a complete picture can be displayed on the screen. But it also has its disadvantages. For example, it is difficult to repair once a certain part fails. And the color hue and phase are hard to adjust. Besides, the picture quality is bad as well.

3.Multiple picture display functions like picture in picture, picture roam and shift can be realized through software control.

We know that the joint screen cannot only realize the integrated large screen display but also the multiple small screen displays while applied in video monitoring trade. On more occasions all the monitored pictures are required to be watched simultaneously. When a monitoring point appears abnormal, we can enlarge the picture in full screen rapidly through software shift so that all the people in control center can watch the picture simultaneously. Thus, the joint large screen should be shifted between large pictures and small pictures rapidly in practice and both are with good display effect.

4.It can support simultaneous entrance of several video devices. The series products have the function of displaying the analog video signals and digital video signals simultaneously on joint screen and then display the input signals rapidly and smoothly.

The HD video signal programs on media like internet, USB and hardware can be displayed on joint screen by choosing relative accessories of VILS.

5.Self-development makes our products with high performance price ratio. We take various aspects into consideration during the development. For example, we considered about the beauty of the screen shape and the integrated compact structure as well as heat dissipation performance of the device. Moreover, we also considered about how to make the operation more convenient, the interface more humanized, the maintenance cost lower. Besides, we also thought about consistent updating of the system functions so that users will have no worries.

We believe that the birth of VILS series products will further promote the development of LCD technology and meanwhile become the main force of large screen display as well.