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Shanghai Changchen Electronic Devices Co. ,Ltd, shorter form CCED, it was founded in 1995. In accordance with the rules of market analysis, keep making explorations and innovations. And we knows that “ high quality is the only way to which a enterprise relies for survival and development.” CCED has gradually become a provider, with research and manufacturing of self-developed hi-tech products.

“Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. ” In order to better interpretation of this eternal truth, Shanghai Intelligent System Co. ,Ltd (shorter form CCIS) was born in September 2003. From then on, our business has been further extended into disparate fields of system integration.

At present, we have passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification; we have access to “Grade A Certificate for Intelligent System Inspection and Designing”, issued by the Ministry of Construction of China; and we have access to “Grade A Designing and Installation Company for Public Security System in Shanghai”, issued by Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Mr. Wu Xi Hong, senior engineer, chief executive officer and founder of the company, and he was head of the TV set industry in China. Back to 1969, Mr. Wu invented the kinescope to build the new era of China television industry.

Following in Mr. Wu’s footsteps, we have created more R&D of new products, including display terminals, video surveillance, intelligence information collection, and so on.

“Focus on customer satisfaction” is our business philosophy. Innovation is about more than designing snazzy products. It's also about improving customer experiences and services.

Innovation unlimited, satisfaction unlimited, which we strive for qualities.

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2009 China Science and Innovation Technology & Products Exhibition


2009 China International Industry Fair


2009 Western China International Economy & trade Fair


2010 Shanghai International Expo of social public security products


2009 China Hi-Tech Fair


VILS series conjoined LCD screen wall will become the new force among large screen displays (LSD).

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VILS LCD Screen Wall *HOT
LCD Monitor
LED Screen

City Surveillance
Interactive Television Operation Mode
Video Analysis
Biometric products integration
Advanced parking management
Central Platform
Registration system illumination
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